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1. The Right View

April 10th, 2015|0 Comments

Sammā ditthi is defined by the Buddha as knowledge of the Four Noble Truths. Now, many people say that samma ditthi means “right vision”. But when we ask them to explain what they mean, we most likely get no answer. Therefore, we have to know the real, or deep, meaning behind this first factor of the Noble Eightfold path. Only then can we understand how sammā ditthi arises.

  • The Sunikkhitta Chapter

7. The Sunikkhitta Chapter

March 8th, 2015|0 Comments

One day at midnight Prince Siddhartha renounced the palace-life in order to seek enlightenment. He touched my thigh with his soft flexible hands and copper-colored nails. While touching my thigh he told me, “My friend, I am going to achieve enlightenment and after I have attained it, I will help others in the world to cross over this samsara.

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6. The Payasi Chapter

February 28th, 2015|0 Comments

Great Bhante, if someone offers fruit to the community of noble monks who have pure hearts and calm minds, he will receive a great result. He will enjoy birth in the Tavatimsa Heaven experiencing that great result. Bhante, I too offered four pieces of fruits to the Noble Sangha.

Thera Ghata

There is an amazing contentment within that Bhikkhu about the Dhamma preached by the Supreme Buddha. He also could attain the Nirvāna that holds the pleasure beyond all merits and demerits.
Arahant Chuulavachcha Thero
There’s no fear about death in me. There’s no special desire about living as well. I am letting go of this body by establishing mindfulness and wisdom very well.
Arahant Ajita Thero
People who carry water can carry whatever the amount of water they wish. Bow carpenters also can bend bows to their wish. Carpenters who work with wood can also bend those lumbers as they wish. Similarly, noble men can discipline themselves as to their wish.
Arahant Kunhdala Thero


Meditation heals your human life more than by any other means. It also makes your life more meaningful. Practicing meditation is a remarkable way to develop your mind. It is our teacher, the Supreme Buddha, who first taught us the possibility of developing our minds. The Supreme Buddha developed His mind to the highest level first and showed it to us. Thus, the technique that is used to develop the mind is known as meditation.

If you are capable of cultivating the meditation in this very life, your mind will start to develop rapidly. In this effort, you need to have the ability to think well. If you cannot think well, you will not be able to develop your mind. In fact, most people do not develop their minds. Only few humans develop their minds. You can become one among that few. Learn this mindfully and attentively. We will gradually show you how to see your life in depth.

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